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Welcome to Estilo Flamenco, the website of flamenco guitarist Francisco Antonio. This site contains information about his flamenco performances, flamenco guitar lessons in London and more. Francisco, who is half Spanish, is a respected musician and the most sought-after flamenco guitar teacher in the UK (see lessons page). As a performer, Francisco is known for his intimate recitals which leave concert audiences understanding and appreciating more than they expected about what is often perceived as a very complex musical style. He is also a long-established expert in background flamenco music. Presently based in London, Francisco gives private flamenco guitar lessons and also teaches students in groups. He has also taught at many classical guitar festivals (click here) and his masterclasses at these events are always well received. 'Estilo Flamenco' is the catch-all title for most of his shows, background music and some recording activities.