One-to-one Flamenco Guitar Lessons London

Francisco Antonio is a noted teacher of the various flamenco rhythms, one whose clarity of explanation transcends a potentially difficult field of learning. Having over twenty years experience as a flamenco guitar teacher, he caters for all levels from beginners to professional.

Francisco's tuition lays great emphasis on imparting the underlying structures in the flamenco toques (forms) which are necessary for a fundamental understanding of this great music. An apprenticeship in the traditional structures is key to understanding and appreciating the modern style. Francisco explains with clarity and detail all the secrets of the special flamenco guitar techniques such as rasgueado, picado, tremolo, arpegio, alzapua etc. Currently based in London UK, Francisco teaches private one-to-one flamenco guitar lessons as well as group lessons. Francisco's masterclasses are always well received - indeed in 2004 he was invited to give a masterclass at The Royal College of Music, London. His Flamenco Guitar Techniques and Demonstrations teaching video was the first of its kind to deal exclusively with flamenco guitar technique. To enquire about lessons, please e-mail or telephone Francisco Antonio (see contact page).


  • 'Francisco dispels some of the myths of flamenco guitar technique...' Classical Guitar